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Stabilizer Color (Top/Bottom)

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Canoe Styrigger

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Stabilizer Color (Top/Bottom)

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Product Details

Get a Crane Creek Kayak Kayak or Canoe Styrigger and reduce the risk of capsizing in your kayak or canoe. Styriggers are available now.  We will be in contact to answer any questions that you may have.

The detachable Styrigger is available for kayaks or a version for canoes. (the canoe version is mounted in the middle of the canoe and operated by the person in the back) The Styrigger is white on top and blue on the bottom when it is deployed in the water.

If you are planning on padding, enter the water with the help of the Styrigger. Once you have a chance to get settled in, you can easily fold the Styrigger into the stored position until you are ready to exit your kayak or if you want to grab a snack from your back storage compartment. If you want, you can easily set the Styrigger in one of many different depths by placing the float in your preferred setting on the depth plate. This will allow you to have the Styrigger set deep if you want to sit higher while fishing or want to be able to hunt waterfowl from your canoe or kayak. You can set it in a position where it is skimming the water, this is a very good setting because it does not let the canoe or kayak rock very much on either side giving you the confidence that you will not capsize. Having the Styrigger set in the position where it is totally out of the water allows you to paddle without any drag from the floats being in the water. If you happen to lean too far the Styrigger will catch you before you reach the tipping point.


Kayak Styrigger Details

Weight: 29lbs.
Open position dimensions: 45” L x 49.5” W x 9” H
Closed position dimensions: 45” L x 31” W x 9” H

Canoe Styrigger Details

Weight: 35lbs.
Open position dimensions: 43.5” L x 59”-76” W x 11” H
Closed position dimensions: 43.5” L x 35” W x 11” H

The canoe Styrigger can mount in canoes as narrow as 21” wide and up to 41” wide.

User Manuals

There are two ways to view your user manual. You can click the link below and open a pdf or you can view a video tutorial on YouTube or check out our video page.

Styrigger User Manual (pdf)

Kayak Instructional Video

Canoe Instructional Video