Our Story

On a hot summer afternoon, my son Kyle and I were fishing for northern on the banks of Crane Creek. We started talking about going on vacation and reminiscing about the fishing trips we had taken to the Boundary Waters with the Boy Scouts. I decided that if I was to do a trip like that again, I would want to go on my own rather than as a large group and take my own food and gear. Kyle suggested that we take kayaks. We had used kayaks in the past, for floats on the river, and there were models that had storage in them that could hold enough gear for an extended trip. I agreed that sounded good, but were there types of kayaks that I felt were stable enough to take on an extended fishing trip? None that I had found.

So I set out to find a kayak that addressed this stability issue, but also wanted the kayak to be able to be adjusted so that the traditional maneuverability of the kayak was available when desired. I couldn’t find anything that offered both stability and agility that I would be comfortable in. This is the problem that I set out to solve with Crane Creek Kayaks.

Brian Mauer